Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education

Course descriptions - Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice

ACADPRAC 701 (A) (15 pts) and (B) (15 pts)

Learning, Teaching and Assessment
Participants will become familiar with theoretically informed scholarly literature on tertiary learning and teaching, including the educational literature of their own disciplines, and they will test pedagogical theory against practice. All assignments and assessments will be integrated as closely as possible with the participant’s current teaching activities.

ACADPRAC 702 (15 pts)

Academic Citizenship and Professionalism
Designed to help academic staff negotiate the apparently conflicting demands of teaching, research and service. Participants will explore the governmental, institutional and disciplinary contexts in which their professional practice takes place. They will devise and implement synergistic strategies for fostering their own continuing professional development as teachers, researchers, and citizens of the academy.

ACADPRAC 706 (15 pts)

Special Topic: Independent Project
A guided research project based on current issues in learning and teaching. You will be assigned to work one-on-one with a supervisor.