Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education

Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice

The PG Cert is an accredited tertiary teaching qualification designed to provide a solid theoretical and practical grounding in higher education teaching, research productivity and academic citizenship for university lecturers.

The Certificate is taught on a part-time basis over a two-year period. The 60-point programme comprises three courses

  • 30 points: ACADPRAC 701 A&B (teaching, learning and assessment)
  • 15 points: ACADPRAC 702 (academic citizenship)
  • 15 points: ACADPRAC 706 (special topic)

Regular postgraduate fees apply, but for academic staff at the University of Auckland (with New Zealand permanent residency), fees are normally covered by the terms of the Collective Employment Contract (clause 12.1). Please note that for international candidates, tuition fees are significantly higher and are not covered by the University.



To be admitted to this programme, a participant must:

  1. Have completed the requirements for any degree approved by Senate or its representative.
  2. Be currently employed in the tertiary education sector and have significant teaching responsibilities and/or roles in supporting student learning.

How to apply

Please follow the link below and complete the Application for Admission to study at the University. This step is required even if you are an existing staff member, or you have previously applied for another programme of study.

  • Under Programme Type, select Postgraduate Diploma/Certificate.
  • Under Programme Name, select PG Cert in Academic Practice.
  • Under Major or Specialisation, select Academic Practice.
  • Under Start Term, select the semester in which you intend to start.

Apply now

Applications are open for Semester One, 2018.

Once your application has been accepted, you will be sent additional instructions for enrolling in the ACADPRAC courses.