Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education

Developing your research

Peer-mentoring and research development activities to help you in your academic career.

Support for early-career academics

We can provide a Peer-mentoring Programme to groups of academic staff who would like to collaborate on supporting each other's research activities. If you are interested in forming such a group, please contact Dr Sean Sturm.

Writing and publishing

We offer workshops aimed at developing your skills as an author and publisher

  • Writing and/or presenting conference papers.
  • Publishing in journals.
  • Turning your thesis into a book.
  • Establishing productive writing habits.
  • Writing a research profile.

We also offer

  • Resources to assist writing groups.
  • Assistance in planning academic writing retreats.

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The Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education

The University of Auckland research links

Libraries and Learning services

  • ResearchSpace
    An open access digital repository of the University's theses, dissertations and other research outputs.
  • Mastering research: A guide to masters research at the University of Auckland
    An introduction to the sequence of events in the production and publication cycle of information, with a view to helping you choose the right research tool for your particular task.
  • Soft skills for researchers
    Learning Services offers RefWorks workshops to doctoral candidates; search the catalogue for 'RefWorks'. Additional workshops include data management and Research Outputs, available through the 'Academic staff workshops' link.

People and Organisational Development POD 

  • Soft skills for researchers
    A range of workshops are available on computer-based research tools such as SPSS (quantitative data analysis) and NVivo (qualitative data analysis), as well as word-processing for long documents and thesis formatting.
  • Researcher development programme
    The Research Office and POD offers an introduction to research at the University, plus a range of workshops for in the areas of presentation style, leadership, negotiation skills, intellectual property and more.