Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education

CleaR Lights Leadership in Teaching

A programme to explore new pedagogical approaches, assemble a teaching portfolio and develop leadership in teaching and learning.

‘CLeaR Lights’ can be early-career academics or seasoned lecturers. The programme is designed to help you assemble a persuasive teaching portfolio, try out pedagogical initiatives and develop evidence of leadership in teaching for your professional advancement (‘Lights’ = Leadership in Teaching).

CLeaR is committed to growing a network of leaders in learning and teaching and nurturing a collegial culture of research-informed teaching across the University.

How will I benefit?

  • Join the CLeaR community of practice, which includes CLeaR staff, other CLeaR Lights, CLeaR Fellows, and alumni of our programmes.
  • Receive guidance on improving your teaching and articulating your teaching and learning pathway from CLeaR staff (‘CLeaR Navigator’).
  • Develop a working relationship with another participant (your ‘CLeaR Spark’) to support each other and spark ideas in reflective practice. You will be matched according to your interests and needs.
  • Learn from others in relevant CLeaR sessions of the PG Cert ACADPRAC.
  • Receive a letter of completion as evidence of your teaching leadership to be used in promotion and continuation or performance reviews.

What is expected of me?

  • Attend two cohort meetings with other CLeaR Lights and Navigators.
  • Meet with your CLeaR Spark throughout the year as agreed between the two of you.
  • Participate in an informal Learning and Teaching Conversation to be held at the 2017 CLeaR Teaching & Learning Symposium to share your practice / experience with the wider university community of teachers.
  • Provide a written reflection of your CLeaR Light experience at the end of the programme.

Applications for CLeaR Lights, 2017 are now closed.

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