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Enggen 199 - English Enrichment for First Year Engineering Students

click the image to visit the websiteEngGen 199 is taught collaboratively by English Language Enrichment, and Student Learning (CAD) in consultation with the Faculty of Engineering. Siew Read (ELE) has revamped their traditional grammatical material to suit Engineering students. With a little training and assistance from CAD's elearning group, Siew and Rebecca Tsang (ELE) have created a website in CourseBuilder.

Siew has also taken advantage of the online environment to achieve an interactivity she's always wanted when students need to make a number of decisions to find their way to a correct grammatical outcome. CAD's web development team put their minds to it and the result is an interactive Decision Tree which can be edited and inserted into CourseBuilder websites.

The website will provide reviews and tasks to accompany the grammatical lectures given by the Student Learning Centre. Providing contextualised language support is something that is often requested. CourseBuilder's easy cloning and editing features will facilitate future development of similar resources for different faculties and contexts.